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  • Financial Statements in local and foreign currency;
  • Management Reports in keeping with our Client’s requirements;
  • Monthly balance sheets and analyses for each results center;
  • Property, Plant and Equipment Control and Depreciation for each results center;
  • Accounting records analysis and reconciliation: Banks and Investments, short- and/or long-term financing control;
  • Establishment and preparation of an accounts plan and of the results center (cost center);
  • Document analysis and accounting ranking as a function of results centers;
  • SPED CONTÁBIL – Balance sheet electronic filing.
  • Interaction with External Audits and Surveillance;
  • Review of Previous Fiscal Years’ Financial Statements.


  • Preparation and Maintenance of Tax Records; determination of the following taxes: IPI (federal VAT), ICMS (state tax), ISS (municipal services tax), COFINS (contribution tax), PIS (Social Integration Program tax), IRRF (withholding income tax), SIMPLES (simplified tax regime for small businesses);
  • Determination of Income Tax, Social Contribution (Actual Profit, Assumed Profit, or SIMPLES);
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns (Actual Profit, Assumed Profit or SIMPLES), and Taxable Income Journal;
  • Additional Obligation at the Federal Level: DIRF, DCTF, DECLAN, DACON, PER/DCOMP, plus State and City Level, including SPED FISCAL [DIGITAL PUBLIC BOOKKEEPING SYSTEM FOR TAX PURPOSES];
  • Implementation of Electronic Invoicing, state and municipal electronic invoices;
  • Review of previous fiscal years’ Corporate Income Tax Returns;
  • Interaction with External Audits and Surveillance.


  • Monitoring of tax law and establishment of the client’s operations characteristics, in order to decrease the tax burden;
  • Survey and recovery of tax credits;
  • Payment of taxes and payroll-related expenses in installments.


  • Payroll, including salaries and monthly compensation for management services rendered, generation of receipts for advances, receipts for salaries, listing or electronic file for bank credit;
  • Integration of the Payroll System with the Electronic Time and Attendance Control System;
  • Provision for vacations, 13th Month Salary and the relevant payroll-related expenses;
  • Hiring, Terminations, Entering of Terminations on Record, PPR and PCMSO;
  • Vacations – Scheduling, Notice, calculation and issuance of vacation receipt;
  • Calculation and issuance of payroll-related social security and labor charges pay slips;
  • Control of employees’ financial records;
  • Benefits control (PAT, public transportation vouchers, and health care);
  • Issuance and control of time cards or time and attendance control sheets;
  • Preparation of Statement of Income as a part of the Income Tax Returns;
  • DIRF (yearly); RAIS (yearly); CAGED and Entering of Employees on Record for PIS;
  • Employee Position and Remuneration Schedule Adjustment;
  • Interaction with External Audits and Surveillance.


  • Opening, Changes and Closing of Entities (JUCERJA [Rio de Janeiro Registry of Commerce] and RCPJ [Civil Registry of Legal Entities]);
  • Changes in By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation;
  • Statements of good standing with regard to city, state and federal taxes;
  • Statements of good standing with regard to labor-related payroll charges;
  • Entering on Record with SICAF, CEPON;
  • Update of previous fiscal years accounting and tax records.


  • Implementation of General, Managerial and Cost Accounting; Treasurer’s Office (Cash, Banking, Investments, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Credit and Debt Collecting); Personnel and Human Resources Department, ERP Integrated Systems, In-House Controls;
  • Corporation’s Entering on Record with BACEN [Brazilian Central Bank], BNDES [National Bank for Economic and Social Development], PETROBRÁS and other Government Offices;
  • Entering on Record and Control of Investments and Foreign Equity with BACEN;
  • Export, Import and Foreign Exchange Settlement.