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Quality Certification in the Accounting Services rendered

Quality Certification in the Accounting Services renderedJLJ Accounting Consultantship Ltd., initial goals, is to become a Certified Company by a Program of Quality in the Accounting services rendered area, based in the ABNT ISO 9001 or similar, and in your ideas of value: "ETHICS, INFORMATION AND QUALITY”.

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Strategic Consulting

For JLJ Accounting Consultantship Ltd., each Company or Organization is not only a Client, but a Partner with specific requirements, priorities and goals. Due to this understanding we have established customer service strategies by means of which we offer the ideal solution and support to each Partner.

Accounting, Tax and Personal Consultancy

Become familiar with the full infrastructure for strategic consultancy and services that JLJ Accounting Consultantship Ltd., offers in the following areas: Accounting, Tax, Labor and Equity, for companies that are engaged in trade, manufacturing or services. If you need any information, please contact us and we will be glad to serve you.

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Taxes Obligations Calendar & Agenda

The loss of any period always generate many problems for the Companies. Our Calendar of Obligations, always updated and free access, bring you the correct information for your decision make. The JLJ Accounting Consultantship Ltd., is a company that proposes solutions, facilitating your day by day. Always consult!

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